Frequently Asked Questions.

In an effort to provide you with the best, we are available to answer any questions you may have on getting the right railing system for your residential or commercial use. We have compiled a list of FAQs that will guide in your decision making.

General RAILING FAqs

+ Do I have to install rails on my deck? Or is that just required if I have children?

Guard railings are required on any deck that’s 30″ or higher off the ground.

+ Do I need to meet code if I am not having my deck inspected?

Building code is designed to prevent people from unexpected problems and injuries so even if you’re not planning to have your deck inspected by your local township inspector, we highly recommend following the building codes for your safety.

+ What is code for deck railing height? What is the railing height?

Codes change from state to state as well as developments. Here in NJ the rails must be a minimum of 36″ height.

+ What are the height and gapping code requirements on stairs?

The maximum gapping between balusters on horizontal and or stairs is 4″. This is to prevent children from going in between the balusters.

+ What’s a structural post vs. post sleeve?

Structural post is an alternative to the 4×4 wood posts. They can be mounted to many different surfaces and will support your railings. Post sleeve is a cover that goes over the 4×4 wood post or the structural post giving it the finished look.

+ Can you fasten the railing posts to an existing deck?

Yes, there are many methods to fasten railings to an existing deck. It is best practice to follow manufacturers installation guide for the rail system you’re trying to use.

+ How are the rails fastened to the posts?

The attachment mechanism changes depending on the rail system. For vinyl and composite railings, attachment brackets and screws are most commonly used. On the other hand, aluminum railings can be welded as well.

+ Do you have any light fixtures that match the finish of my railing?

In todays fast growing market there are countless options for LED and Solar lights for railings. You can find them online or in your local hardware store. We highly recommend that you verify that the size of the light you’re getting will fit over the rail posts you may have as there are many different shapes and sizes.

+ Can I use a lighting system with my railing?

Yes, most common are the LED lights that go through a transformer . The catch is that if you want for the wiring to be hidden the lights must be installed before the railings are screwed together.

+ Why should I use a taller post at the bottom of my stairs?

When installing railings on steps, the bottom posts will need to be higher due to the angle of the step. The general rule is to add 6″ on top of the horizontal posts size.

+ Do I need to have lighting on my steps?

Lights are a decorative item in most cases. However, they come in handy with traffic flow if you use the steps at night.

+ Do I need to have a handrail on my steps?

Building code requires you to have a graspable hand rail on all steps that are 4 or more in count.

+ What angle should my stairs be?

There’s no standard angle to use. The angle is generally calculated based on the height of the surface to grade.

+ How far can I span between posts?

This varies between the railings manufacturers, although is 6′ and 8′ is most common.

+ Can I install railing into a concrete patio?

Yes, railings can be installed to almost any kind of surfaces. The only thing that changes is the installation method

+ What is more durable aluminum, vinyl or composite?

This will depend on the manufacturers you’re comparing. To be on open market all railings manufacturers must have their products ICC code compliant, to prove they are safe and sound.


+ Will my aluminum railing rust?

No, aluminum railings will not rust.

+ Are your aluminum railings engineered to meet code requirements?

Yes, all of our railings systems we use and install are code compliant.

+ Is it difficult to cut aluminum?

No, it's not difficult if using the right tools.

+ What is the benefit of using aluminum over other styles of railing?

Aluminum is a very customizable option for your railings and will get you super sturdy railing at a reasonable cost.

+ What type of finishes are available on the aluminum railing?

Although there may be many options for the finish we only use Powder Coatings on our aluminum railings.

+ How do aluminum products compare to steel products?

Aluminum is generally less expensive than steel, as long as you compare same design railings.

+ What colors are available?

Powder coatings have unlimited color options, however most popular are Black, White, Bronze and Gray.

+ What kind of warranty do you offer with aluminum products?

We offer 15 year warranty on our aluminum railings.


+ How is polyvinyl railing made?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer. It is formed from three basic raw materials: crude oil, natural gas, and chloride. The chemical process links vinyl chloride monomers together to form long chains called polymers.

+ How long will polyvinyl railing last?

This will vary from the weather climate of where railings will be installed; however estimated life of this railings is 25 years.

+ Does vinyl retain its strength in cold weather?

Vinyl becomes less flexible in cold weather. However, unless subjected to unusual or extreme impact, it will not break. It is normal for materials to expand and contract with changes in temperature. Flexibility is common and a benefit of Vinyl Fence, which allows it to maintain its strength and shape.

+ What about hot weather or temperature swings?

All railings we use have aluminum inserts in top and bottom railings, so temperature changes will not affect the overall strength of the railings.

+ Will vinyl railings turn yellow over time?

They may, but this is because of the screws used during installation, not because of the vinyl. When installing railings in outdoor areas you need to be sure to use outdoor rated screws. If you use regular steel screws instead, they will eventually rust and stain your railings and turn them yellow.

+ How do I clean my vinyl railing?

Using a cleaner and low pressure washing machine (under 2000 psi recommended) will be the easiest way to clean your railings.

+ Can I paint vinyl railings?

No, vinyl can’t be painted.

+ What post sizes do post wraps fit?

Most common rail posts wraps will fit over a 4×4; however there are other sizes as well.

+ Does Vinyl Railing offer rail for handicap access ramps?

Regular level rails can be used on low angled ramps, and stair railings can be used on steeper ramps.

+ How do I keep my post caps on?

PVC glue is the way to fix the caps to to the railings posts.

+ Can I use vinyl railing on a second storey?

Yes, vinyl railings can be installed on second storey.

+ What colors are available for vinyl railings?

We only provide white and tan colors for our vinyl railings.